22 December. Presentation of new album!

7-12-2017, 17:56

We have been waiting for that day for a long time. finally, 22 December we are ready to present our new album!


4-11-2017, 16:12

It is hard to believe but we've started recording our 4th LP!

Запись 4 студийного альбома!

September 2, "13-th Buben&Sventoyar", Kharkiv

1-09-2016, 23:46

2 сентября, Харьков, "Свентояр&13-й Бубен"

2 september, 19:00, "AKUNA MATATA ROCK CLUB", Kharkiv

Sventoyar in Folk room (radio stream)

12-07-2016, 13:58

In April, 23d Sventoyar visited Folk Room radio program in Moscow. Listen to stream recording in podcast!

April 22, Moscow, "Rock House Club", 19:00

4-04-2016, 10:54

Get together in Rock House with Sventoyar, Groden, Eikumena and Butterfly Temple!
"И снова здравствуйте!"
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