Dear listener! On this page you don’t find information about our concerts, discography and other achievements. Instead of this we want you to hear the real metal heaviness of our guitar sound, the depth of Slavic traditional culture. Interweaving of these elements forms the basis of our works. We try to save our traditions from oblivion. Ancestral pride and honor inspire us to create new music.
If you still reading this text – that’s good. Then don’t be lazy and check our music. And you’ll see how it has changed since 2008 when our band began its creative way in today’s day. Like a branchy tree our band growing and gaining strength, getting better, stronger, more interesting and versatile.
Our band is still permanently transforming but our foundation is unchanged. That’s why we’ve managed to kept the initial spirit, the main idea of our existence. Our names are unknown and it doesn’t matter because we are just a powerless spectators of the world’s downfall. Politicians kills our unity, ignorance smothers the common sense. However we’re not going to give up. With you, dear listener, we can create a stronghold of our native culture where honor and conscience are not just meaningless words.
And you know what? That’s enough! Stop sitting here and surfing the internet. Get out of your place and go to the nearest forest. You should clear your mind before starting to make something really important.

Copyright by Hengitys Metsaa